Thursday, December 23, 2010

Freedom and the Internet

I have just learned that I have been banned from posting comments to news stories at the Discovery News website. This really surprises me because I am the typical egghead reader of that site. I can sort-of understand CNN’s website blocking me, and I can definitely understand a local news website blocking me, but I thought the people at Discovery News were my kind of people. I gotta say this really cut me, and I mean deep.

I think it’s strange that I get banned from website comment forums because I don’t say bad things about others in the forums, and I don’t say anything that is unwarranted. I also don’t use any language that is worse than what you normally find on those things either. If I can’t avoid a word, then I use some f**king asterisks to mask it. And most importantly, I don’t say anything specifically for the purpose of being mean. The only problem I can see is that I am brutally honest. In fact, one of the things that drew me to the internet way back in the day was the fact that it was originally an unblocked avenue of free speech.

Do you know what the problem is with Facebook? You can’t say anything questionable on there without the possibility of it coming back around to bite you in the butt. From what I hear, employers look up prospective employees on facebook to try to get a glimpse at the real them. The problem isn’t necessarily that you post pictures of one wild night out with friends, it’s that an employer will get the impression that those pictures depict the real you. So, now people have to strictly edit what they post on facebook, or more accurately, they have to be phony and lie about who they really are. People are not free to be themselves on facebook without the fear of the negative consequences.

So I guess what I am saying is, I think it’s strange to see that on the most powerful communication tool ever invented, people are being encouraged to lie. And since truth equals freedom in the grain of this blog post, it is really sad to see American freedoms being compromised to this extent.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Interesting Tidbits

There are some interesting things in the news today that I thought I might bring attention to here.

The Nobel Peace Price
I find it odd that there is so much fighting going on over the Nobel committee’s selection of a Chinese guy who was arrested for “inciting subversion of state power”. You would think if a person inspires the OPPOSITE OF PEACE in any way, that they would automatically be disqualified from the PEACE prize.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Issues Recall
I think it’s hilarious that even spacecraft that are made in Japan have braking problems. I guess that’s the last time they’ll launch a Venus Explorer satellite made by Toyota.

Come On Haiti Light My Fire
Haitians are using the destruction of fires to protest the results of an election. After the decline of decades of poverty and a large earthquake, who’s gonna know that anything was even destroyed?

Any Joke Will Pale In Comparison
Comedian Kathy Griffin was criticized for making a joke about Bristol Palin. Just wondering, why single her out? I find it odd that jokes about her teen pregnancy and sub-par dancing are OK, but fat jokes are totally off limits. Unless of course if comparing Bristol to Precious was an insult against the Precious actress. That would make sense.

The Nigerian Gas Scam
Nigerian Investigators are accusing Dick Cheney of conspiring with their corrupt officials to secure natural gas contracts with Halliburton. Whatever, get in line Nigeria.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pope Chester the Molester

Does anybody else find it odd that Pope Benny changed the Catholic churches approval of condoms for the expressed purpose of Anal Sex? I mean for a group of men trying to distance themselves from the crime of butt f**cking alter boys, the endorsement of anything for anal sex can’t possibly help their efforts. They might as well be endorsing ‘anointed anal lube’, or ‘consecrated crotch less underwear’ for that matter.

So now the fudge packing HIV activists are beside themselves with the misconception that the Vatican is partially endorsing their lifestyle. So this of course brings us to the real problem behind the new policy. You can’t condemn a behavior, yet endorse an object that, by Vatican reasoning, would only be used for that behavior. This is very paradoxical.

I am now forced to beg the question of why the Pope would be concerned about HIV from anal sex, but have no concern in the world for HIV from heterosexual sex as displayed in an earlier address to Africa’s AIDS epidemic. From where I am sitting, it looks like he is only worried that eventually some Catholic clergy will be exposed to HIV through their behavior. So, I am left with the question; would his position on condoms for heterosexual sex change if Catholic clergy were permitted to marry? Hmm.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Own Personal Fight for God

If you haven’t read the bible from cover to cover, then you probably didn’t know that it is very repetitive. For example, the concept of being born again is repeated many times between the Prophet, Gospel, and Letter books, while the concept of Living Water is repeated at different times between the Old and New Testaments. But, nothing is repeated more than the concept that God cannot find favor with his people if we don’t remove the items and places of worship dedicated to false gods. For the first time in my life, I find myself confronted with the reality of this scriptural truth. Since I can’t very well go about the country destroying Jehovah halls, Mormon tabernacles, or Muslim mosques, what with my current level of influence in this country, I will resort to doing what is right on a scale that is possible for me.

I will burn a Quran.

I do not have any hatred for Muslims. I only have contempt for the methods they use to honor their false god, and I have a belief that all traces of this false god should be removed.

People tell me I shouldn’t do this. Even my wife, the person who should know me best, doesn’t approve of this. She is afraid that radical Islamic people will retaliate against us in a violent way. After spending a lot of time pondering the Quran burning issue, I have come to the realization that ignoring the encroachment of Muslims, and backing down with a greater fear of Muslims than of God, is the same thing as denying the existence of God. Jesus said that struggle and persecution were to be expected for the Christian Church. Today, American Christians are being (somewhat) persecuted in their own country by being shunned for being “intolerant” which in turn is a strong intolerance of Christian beliefs. After many years of being spared this persecution, American Christians need to face up to these new persecutions and take up their cross for Jesus. Unfortunately, today's Christians only seem to ignore the existence of this sin.

So therefore, I will have to take on this particular personal fight for God…alone.

Technological Solution to Stupidity

I read an article yesterday about how best to deal with elderly people when they become too old to drive a car safely. The article itself wasn’t that big a deal, but the comments that people posted at the end of the article were. The commentary’s I read laid the blame of bad driving on everyone from teenagers to drunk drivers, as well as the elderly.

This got me to thinking. How many times in my entire life have I had a close call on the road because of an elderly person? I would say…maybe…5 times. What about drunk drivers? Maybe 5 times as well, but I don’t drive at a late hour very often. What about teenagers? I can’t really remember the last time I had a problem with driving as a result of the driver being a teen, but then again I don’t have kids.

So then I asked myself, how many times have I had a problem with somebody texting while driving? I immediately thought of like 10 instances from the last couple of days. So apparently, the highway safety people should forget everything else for now and fix this texting while driving thing before it gets way too far out of hand. And there have already been some efforts to do so. Unfortunately, PSA’s with dorky announcers don’t help, and police officers have no real way to enforce the laws that ban texting and driving.

Enter Arpeggio Andy, a man with an idea for a technological solution. I call it: The Automatic Off Button. It is a small transmitter hidden in all the electronics of a new car. This transmitter sends out a cell signal that is compatible with all cell phones, that has a broadcast radius big enough to encompass the interior of the car, and has the ability to turn off any cell phone internally. Thus, all cell phones will be rendered unusable inside the car while the engine is running. Hook, line, sinker…DONE!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We won the war with Iraq! Unfortunately for our Iraq Troops, there is no celebration at the announcement, no ticker tape parade to honor them, nothing. Only a speech from the president saying we should quickly put it behind us and "turn the page". That's right troops; we don't want to ponder on the fact that you put your life on the line for our country, we just want to forget it. And why not? It probably pains Obamuhammed to see the US whooping up on his towel headed allies in the middle east.

One thing I noticed about the president's speech is that he seemed to skirt around the idea of a US victory in Iraq. This morning as I read commentary on his speech, the news media is avoiding the idea completely. Why not? I mean we did subdue the country, and make it the US's B-otch. Or, if you want some hard number statistics, we killed 100,000 of their guys and they only killed 5000 of our guys. Where I come from, that's victory. So, why are the troops getting "snubbed"? I'll tell you why, because the liberal media loves them some Obamuhammed. If they say it's a victory, then that would look too good for Bush and the GOP who supported the war. So, they will not call it a victory. I think it's sad that the troops won a war for their country, but will probably never be given that credit.

Washington should be ashamed.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Philly Requires Payment for Free Speech

I usually don't send readers directly to another place for everything about a particular topic, but this instance is different. And not just because I didn't feel like writing a serious blog post today. This guy has links to the original story, good commentary to the story, an update with the Philly government's response to the commentaries on the story, and his own commentary on the response from Philly's government. The guy was so complete that there is nothing more I can add. So, check out the below link.

The Bone Head of the Day Award

Monday, July 12, 2010

BP Executives Are total Douche Bags

I know it’s probably too late to be asking this but, does anybody really understand why the decision makers at BP are total douche bags? It isn’t because they are the company responsible for the oil leak and that they totally dropped the ball on employee and ecological safety that the media has fixated on for the past 80+ days. Nope, that just makes them numb-nuts. It’s because throughout the whole thing, they have never stopped thinking about how they can continue to extract oil from this well or additional wells in the same spot. I have seen them make a greater effort at securing their future income, while watching the financial future of 5 states worth of Gulf Coast businesses being flushed down a Gulf of Mexico sized toilet.

The first and most douche bag thing BP did really has no connection to stopping an oil leak which was to start drilling 2 alternate wells that they call “relief wells”. BP doesn’t fool the engineers out there, we know that there’s enough oil in those reserves to provide maximum flow rate through all 3 oil wells. The real point behind those was to get more wells going in the Gulf before all that untapped deep sea oil is once again prohibited to drilling. Trust me; those wells aren’t going to relieve anything.

There were 2 capping methods that BP tried next that had tried in the past with no success, but they tried them anyways because they are a method to quickly extracting oil from the well that would otherwise be lost. Then there was the “junk shot/top kill method” which they should have tried first because it had the most chance of success, but of course they didn’t even try that until a month later. This would have probably worked, but there was so little time spent on this because it wasn’t what BP wanted to do.

Now they are back to re-capping the well. Why, because stopping the oil flow all together to save the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t benefit them. They ultimately want to extract that oil with no regard to wildlife and the livelihoods of uncountable numbers; all for the sake of their own bottom line. Everything BP has put effort on for this oil disaster has been directed at extracting, and NOT stopping the oil flow. That is what makes them total douche bags.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Squeaking Weekly Again / First Order of Business

Even though I know it's futile, I think it's time for the little mouse
in internet media to begin squeaking again. With all of the injustices
being done in this country nowadays, it would be against my principles
to remain quiet. As I continue the original goal of this blog of
providing the intelligent insight lacking in today's news stories, I
will not hold back any punches, I will not be polite, and I will not
play nicely.

Impeachment Plea

The actions of past presidents have always been scrutinized by the
media, exalted by fellow party members, and demonized by opposing
parties. In the past everyone could at least agree that a president's
actions were for Democracy and the American way of life. However, as far
as our current president is concerned, he has actions that specifically
lean toward Socialism and an all controlling government. For some
reason, nobody wants to admit these huge elephants in the room these
days. Fortunately, there is a way for America to dodge the Socialism
bullet, and I would like to make this post my first plea for the
impeachment of
Barrack Hussein Obama with an expedited removal of him
from the
White House.

I should probably clarify that impeachment is not the process of
removing a civil official from office; it is merely a process for trying
them of a
criminal activity. If the criminal activity is heinous enough,
then the
House of Representatives will vote to remove the official from
Bill Clinton was impeached for getting a blow job in the oval
. (Well actually it was for lying about it while under oath, but
you know what I mean) However the House didn't see getting a blow job as
a reason to remove him from office (frankly, neither did I), so he was
able to ride out the rest of his term.
Andrew Johnson was also impeached
for forcing the removal of a previous president's cabinet member.
However, the law prohibiting that was obscure, so he also hung around.
The only president who would have been forced to leave the
office of the
was of course Richard Nixon, but he was man enough to leave
before the
impeachment process even began because he cared more about
the country than about personal gain and reputation.

Now, with that said, here is the basis for impeaching Mr. Obama:
1) Obama affiliation with ACORN + ACORN confirmed to be using illegal
voter registration practices = Obama guilty of election fraud.
2) Obama asking Romanoff to quit senate race + offering Romanoff cabinet
position = more election fraud.
3) Obama asking
Sestak to quit senate race + offering Sestak cabinet
position = even more election fraud.
4) Obama originating health plan + health plan details for pardoning
illegal aliens = unconstitutional misuse of power.
5) Forcing a new form of tax and lying about cap and trade for global
warming + pushing America towards Socialism = unconstitutional use of

That's right folks, I just gave you NOT one, but 5 valid platforms for a
campaign to impeach Obama! And, all 5 of these are also enough to have
Obama removed from office. The only question I have in addition to 'why
is Obama still president', is 'where are those racist KKK guys when the
country could actually benefit from them?'

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The End Of The Line

I think I will stop writing the Weekly Squeak blog. It hasn't turned out to be what I originally wanted it to be, and I am getting no response from it. And besides that, I am really tired of news and current events that only seem to bring me down. Maybe I will come back to this, maybe I won't. God only knows.

In the mean time, I will start putting more effort into the Warped World Blog.